Female Focused Personal Training in dorset


Mobile Personal Training

Are you in need of a personal trainer to support you with health, fitness & well-being?

Based in Dorset I am a Level 3, REPS Registered Personal Trainer.

I work in a mobile capacity so can provide bespoke personal training in your home or in outside spaces. There is no requirement for you to be a gym member.

I provide all equipment for training sessions and write personalised exercise programs that factor in your personal exercise preferences and to include any equipment you own your self.

Workouts are FUN, VARIED and EFFECTIVE.

I believe fitness is about far more than weight loss and appearance but I can help you sensibly and efficiently achieve your goals, whatever they may be. In addition you will reap the benefits of how fitness can improve your mental health and general well-being.

I also carry a Pre & Postnatal Qualification. I can support you with safe and structured exercise plans during and after pregnancy. Click HERE for more information.

To enquire simply GET IN TOUCH.