Welcome to EB Fitness & Well-being

My name is Emma. Living in beautiful rural Dorset I am raising my two lovely daughters.

Since becoming a mother I have becoming hugely passionate about pregnancy, birth, early motherhood and female health.

I decided to set up EB Fitness & Well-being as a means to putting this passion to good use. My dream being to create a one stop shop for women’s needs at this incredible stage of life.

I had two very different birth experiences with my girls (see birth stories) and used hypnobirthing techniques in both cases. I can honestly say that if I had to give birth again tomorrow I would be up for it. I felt relaxed, calm and in control. With the support of my husband I found the experience empowering and truly amazing. If I could help just one other mother to feel this way I would feel I’d done a good thing. I hope as a hypnobirthing teacher I can help many mothers achieve this.

You can read an article about my experience as a Hypnobirthing Teacher on the KGH website. Click Here.

Fitness has always been an important part of my life. Having children has certainly had an impact on this. I designed Activmama to help Mums who love fitness to be able to enjoy being active whilst keeping their babies close. Motherhood can also be hugely isolating. My fitness classes and training sessions provide a sense of community and a chance to meet like minded mothers.

Offering Mobile Female Focused Personal Training is so rewarding. Getting to know clients and helping them achieve their goals gives me such a buzz and I love it.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

I look forward to meeting you.

Emma Bryant DipHB(KGH)