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Breastfeeding Peer Support.

Breastfeeding is hot topic amongst new mothers and sadly is a subject often up for fierce debate.

I breastfed my first baby and am currently feeding my second. Breastfeeding is something I feel strongly about so with EB Fitness & Well-being in mind I opted to complete my Mother Supporter qualification with The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers.

Infant feeding is entirely a mother’s choice. This should be acknowledged and respected. Statistics show, however, that many mothers stop breastfeeding before they are ready. This can lead to deep seated guilt and a feeling that they have not given their baby ‘the best’.

I really feel for these Mums. There are huge pressures from not only themselves but from others around them in these hormonally charged early weeks of motherhood. . There is often a distinct lack of professional support, largely due to funding. This means mums often simply don’t have the knowledge about the physiology of breastfeeding so lack confidence in what they are doing. A tin of formula has very clear instructions and with UK breastfeeding rates as they are it is likely many women surrounding the new mum will have taken this approach.

There are some fantastic charities out there including the ABM who alongside The Breastfeeding Network answer calls on The National Breastfeeding Helpline 0300 100 0212.

My qualification teaches me what is normal with breastfeeding. In a voluntary capacity I hope I can help the many Mums I meet to achieve their breastfeeding goals by being a friendly and knowledgeable face. I can refer on any cases where further assistance might be required.