What are the Benefits of Hypnobirthing?


Are you considering a Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course but are still undecided? Have a read through this blog and notice that the benefits don’t stop at the pregnant mother.


·        Hypnobirthing is great during pregnancy. Regular relaxation reduces circulating cortisol in the blood stream. Mum is calm, relaxed and confident. Pregnancy can be a daunting time with lots of dramatic changes taking place. Daily relaxation helps to ground the mother and allows her to reflect on her pregnancy and becoming a parent.

·        Relaxation before bed can induce better sleep.

·        KGH courses provide comprehensive antenatal information. This extensive knowledge allows the mother to develop faith in her body’s ability to both give birth and to breastfeed.

·        Mums can overcome fear of birth whether it is her first pregnancy or a subsequent one.

·        A positive birth experience often sees a Mum being a lot more energised post birth.

·        Hypnobirthing results in higher levels of the hormone Oxytocin. This results in more effective and efficient surges (contractions) during labour whilst being great for initiating breastfeeding and for bonding.

·        Hypnobirthing Mums often have shorter labours.

·        They are less likely to have intervention and may not need to use pain relief.

·        Labour is likely to be a lot more comfortable and in some cases entirely pain free.

·        The skills learned during a hypnobirthing course will be beneficial whatever the birth journey.

·        Women develop an inner strength – this is not only useful during birth but will also be valuable as a new mother.

·        The course gives you a skill for life.



·        Dads/partners often find the practice helps them sleep.

·        Attending classes and practicing together helps them be involved in the preparation for birth.

·        Most importantly it GIVES THEM A STRONG ROLE DURING THE BIRTH. They know how to support the birthing mother which aids her in having the most positive experience possible. Check out ‘The Birth of Addison’ in Positive Birth Stories.

·        An understanding of the physiology of birth helps them talk things through with the mother and build her confidence.

·        They experience pride at having such an active role during pregnancy & birth.

·        A positive experience assists with bonding.

. A positive shared experience is great for a couple’s relationship.



·        Baby will enjoy Mum’s relaxation – relaxed abdominal muscles allow them more room to move and they sense Mum’s calm.

·        There will be a reduction in Mum’s circulating cortisol which crosses the placenta.

·        They build associations of calm with particular music which can relax them as a newborn.

·        Mum is less likely to reach for opioid based pain relief which crosses the placenta. This means the baby will be more alert post birth. This can help initiate breastfeeding.

·        Hypnobirthing babies tend to be calmer and sleep better (this isn’t guaranteed!!).

·        Babies born to hypnobirthing Mums often have higher APGAR Scores –



                                 Grimace (reflexes)



If you are still unsure why not attend a taster session? Teachers are always more than happy to answer any questions you have and have a genuine passion to support parents through pregnancy, birth and beyond.